We specialize in providing a comprehensive range of steel products with the inclusion of ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal for various application in different industries.

For ferrous metal products, we have mild steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, and cast iron; in flat- and rolled-long products.

For non-ferrous metal products, we have aluminium, copper, lead, bronze, and brass; in flat- and rolled-long products.

Flat products include plates, sheets, and coils. Whereas rolled-long products include bars, rods, shafts, sections, angles, channels, tubes, and pipes.

Our Value-Added Services

We also specialize in providing profile-cutting services to various industries. We have extensive experience and the latest technology to customize solutions for our customers, even for non-standard specifications of steel products of any size that our customer requires at competitive prices. Our value-added services include:

  • AutoCAD Drafting
  • CNC Oxy Profile Cutting
  • CNC High Definition Plasma Profile Cutting
  • Bandsaw Sawing
  • Fiber Cutting
  • Milling & Grinding
  • Precision Machining
  • Steel Fabrication Work
  • Welding Work