Toyo Sho Industrial Products
Sdn Bhd

Toyo Sho has over 30 years of experience dealing with label sticker supplies in the Southeast Asian region. As an integrated manufacturer, we offer a wide spectrum of industrial solutions for the diverse needs of our customers. With manufacturing facilities located in Malaysia and Singapore and our ever expanding range of product and services, we are now the preferred business partner for major brands in the electronics, pharmaceutical, computer components, storage, peripheral and semiconductor fields, and many more.

Besides being a distributor for major brands like Nitto Denko and 3M, we custom design and cut-to-size according to customer requirements with our efficient slitting service. We maintain strong connections with our suppliers, being constantly updated with the latest trends and working closely with them to provide innovative application and cost-effective solutions.

Our scope of services begin from the initial stages of conceptualisation and design collaboration, to the sourcing of the best materials and inventory management, and finally delivery and shipment. This is an effective supply chain in meeting the demands and expectations of our customers and ensuring their satisfaction.

Corporation's Information

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Main Customers:
Hitachi Group, Honda, Venture, Panasonic Group, Dyson Group, (VS/ Classic Advantage/ Meiban/ ATA/ SKP)